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Information about the Second (2002) Conference

The Second International Conference on Tactile Diagrams Maps and Pictures (Hatfield, UK 19-21 June 2002), built on the foundation of the first conference to bring together over 120 people from 23 Countries for three days full of active discussion on tactile graphics.

Everyone at the Centre would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended or participated in the 2002 conference. The feedback has been very positive, with everyone finding the conference a very useful platform for sharing information relating to tactile graphics. We have compiled a selection of the Feedback gathered from the conference.

For more information about the conference please select one of the following links:

Delegate List - we have compiled a list of delegates who attended the conference so that individuals can stay in touch with people they met.

Exhibitor information - see information about all the exhibitors at the conference.

Feedback - read what delegates said about the conference.

Programme - view information about the papers which were presented at the conference, including information about the author, and where available the full paper and links to additional resources.

The conference dinner on Thursday night was a silver service dinner function which was concluded with an entertaining after dinner talk from Miles Hilton-Barber.

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