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Information about the First Conference (2000)

The conference was opened by Professor Helen Petrie, who in her welcoming speech dedicated the conference to the late Dr. Ron Hinton. We gratefully and proudly acknowledge the work of Dr. Ron Hinton, and the continuing work of Mrs Dorothy Hinton.

There were 20 papers, 18 organisations exhibiting, 4 workshops and 2 panel discussions over the 2-day conference.
Presentations, workshops and exhibits included: ClearVision, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Dog Rose Trust, Joint Mobility Unit, Moray House Institute, National Centre for Tactile Diagrams, National Council for the Blind of Ireland, National Library for the Blind, Royal College of Art, Royal National Institute for the Blind, Tate Modern, University of Birmingham, University of York, and many others. Please view the conference programme and exhibitor lists for all of the information about the people who participated in the conference.

Feedback from the first conference has been very positive (see what people have said), and the general consensus was for a similar conference every one or two years. In order for the dust to settle from the first conference, and to allow the development of new technologies and research it was decided that the next conference will be held in June 2002.

The following pages contain additional information about the first conference:

The Programme for the first conference
Exhibitor Information
Proceedings - information about the conference sessions
Feedback from the conference


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